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We should probably use this space to tell you about how we’re a bunch of passionate interior designers, who can enhance your business processes and realize your objectives. How we understand the relationship between people and space, so we can deliver dynamic interiors that work time and time again. Or something.

But that’s all just words. Just waffle. It doesn’t really mean anything. The truth is that the Sheila Bird Group is a chance to do things differently; a desire to change, improve, inspire and reward. That’s why this site has been created to show you what we do and how we think, rather than just tell you.

This is what gets us excited: what kicks us out of bed, rocks our world and floats our proverbial boats. If you like it too then the chances are we should meet up – talk all about you, rather than all about us.

about this website

Firstly, this is not a website.

Yes, it’s a site, and yes, it’s on the world wide web. But the word website is such a rigid one. Websites have structure and order. Websites are full of facts and figures and click heres. Websites are static.

This is an experience: a journey, an adventure, a train of thought, a stream of conscience, a tiny spark, a flash of inspiration. But a website? Not really. Everything you’ll find on here is important to us, whether it’s a project we’ve created (look for the black boxes), a film that impressed us, a picture that inspired us, or a person who influenced us.

So feel free to have a nose around – take a tour of what’s going on in our head. You can use your mouse to search around the screen or zoom right in to the depths of our imagination. We’re always adding to it, so there’s no end to what you might find, but if you see something you like then get in touch – great minds think alike and all that.

If you prefer to go straight to our work you can use the “our work” tab

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Welcome to the Sheila Bird Group.

There's a lot to look at on here. A lot of stuff. Some of it's stuff that we've done, some of it's stuff we like, some of it's stuff we've seen in the news, but it's all stuff that will tell you a little bit about us – how we think, how we work, how we can help you.

Have a look around and if you’d like to know more, click the tab on the right, or get in touch.

We are an interior design company based in Manchester, specialising in office refits and new developments.

We work closely with our clients to get the most out of the space available, making interesting experiences that users will engage with and cherish.

The Big Shebang is a web presence designed to show you our work and the type of things that inspire us. It is a constantly evolving and expanding universe of images and ideas so no two visits to the Shebang will ever be the same.

Naughty but nice #lovewhatyoudo roll out soon #vape #cool #design #hip #nailedit Chatsworth - Lilas Site visit yesterday down at @socialchain , yep it's official @lisasayers and @_stevebartlett looking chilled @socialchain @workspacedesignandbuild @bruntwood IMG_8223 No HiVis  NO Acess , sweet moves @_stevebartlett @workspacedesignandbuild  #safetyfirst @socialchain IMG_8225 This is an urban garden after all; steel and glass are also used indoors, notably in the shiny Airstream trailer kitchen parked up inside and the double height doors that open wide to let the garden atmosphere flood in... IMG_8226 @socialchain @workspacedesignandbuild  guess what? IMG_8219 IMG_8217 IMG_8218 2nd prize panel: POP-UP KIEV by Polina Timofeeva, Galyna Tolkachova, Pavel Bartov (Perm, Russia). Image courtesy of CANactions. IMG_8215 IMG_8213 IMG_8184 Invention: paving the way for the commercialisation of the UKs research strengths (part 2) Graphene: Made in Manchester

26 Lever street roof top extension

A big thanks the Hawkins Brown and The Neighberhood

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EON Reality France

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56 Princess Street

56 Princess Street

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Carat Leeds

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IMG_8183 This Summer, downtown Vancouver was spiced up by Picnurbia, a big yellow wave that offered Vancouverites a great place for relaxation on the street. Created by design collective Loose Affiliates and endorsed by the City of Vancouver, the temporary landscaping project aims to address the shortage of decent public spots for urbanites to gather, relax and picnic. Read more: http://popupcity.net/2011/09/picnurbia-an-urban-picnic-landscape/#ixzz1wSCWDxp2 IMG_8182 David Wright House ramp to roof David Wright House and guesthouse David Wright House living room nook V2 Strength and Conditioning Gym David Wright House living room IMG_8221 IMG_8228 IMG_8231 Gym graffiti. Jose and jhon? IMG_8232 How It Feels [through Glass] 3Doodler Intro Video

Our Home 15 Stanley Street

Valtech Manchester

26 Roof

The roof top project

Missguided Moments

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IMG_8261 IMG_8262 IMG_8264 CrossFit bathroom signs IMG_8258 IMG_8257 IMG_8254 IMG_8252 Welcome to the Law Offices of Fun, Quirky, and Whimsical Photo Guggenheim IMG_8251 IMG_8246 Magis Spun: Fun by Design Random International: Rain Room

cool office 4

24 christmas

Christmas at 24 Lever Street

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IMG_8243 LEO headquarters in Shanghai potted plant decor IMG_8239 IMG_8241 IMG_8237 IMG_8235 la salle de réunion avec des balançoires de Red Bull IMG_8236 IMG_8248 IMG_8265 Zaha Hadid's Phaeno Sängyn ympärille, verhoilla. Ikkunoihin ikkunaluukut. TRIBUTE TO ZAHA HADID Link: the future of 3D content and its ability to support global collaborations (part 2)

54 Princess Street

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City Lab working with @TweetsbyMSP and @AmspecUK

Manchester Science Partnership 1

A sweet meeting place

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24 christmas

24 lever street

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26 Lever street roof top extension

26 Roof

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54 Princess Street

56 Princess Street

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