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The Chapel in Castlefield is a building with a story rooted in Manchester's pop culture. In the 1980's it was home to the infamous pop svengalis Stock, Aitken & Waterman, a place where many No 1 hits were recorded. In 2006, the culture had changed, Acid House had been and gone, SAW Productions consigned to 80s nostalgia and the building was put on the market.

Creating a Connected Culture

The Hasgrove Group had recently acquired the rapidly growing digital agency Amaze and were looking for new premises. When we spoke with their CEO it became obvious that they would need a place were they could harness the many talents within their group of companies. A building where their digital marketing, technology, advertising and PR specialisms could collaborate under one roof, a single destination where their clients could benefit from joined up expertise.

The Chapel offered a potential solution to their quest. The Chapel is full of quirky detail, character and history, qualities that creatives absolutely love. We partnered with architects OMI to create an ambitious rework of the building. The solution was to build a standalone structure in the middle of the chapel with series of connected levels woven together that allowed different parts of the business to circulate freely, collaborate and share knowledge.

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