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Celebrating the Networked City

Following the success of our MIPIM 2019 campaign Marketing Manchester invited us back for fresh ideas for 2020.

'Everything Is Connected' celebrates collaborative innovation in the city. It champions people with distinct specialisms working together to make extraordinary things happen that neither could achieve alone, positioning Manchester as a catalyst for new ideas.

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Our headline film interprets the theme through the movement of two ribbon dancers across Greater Manchester. Filmed with director/photographer Olivier Richomme an additional collection of stories that embody the theme were designed, animated and choreographed across 18 LED screens. Stories that portray a city where technology influences culture and art is connected to public health. The metaphorical 'ribbons' in the film were developed further into an constantly changing animated wave of evolving networks functioning as a dynamic ambient graphic across the screens.

The theme of urban interconnectedness proved to be strangely prophetic as only days before the event the rapid spread of Coronovirus caused the event to be cancelled and an ensuing global lockdown.

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