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Inspiring Different Ways to Work

LADbible is a social media and entertainment publisher known for sharing viral content across social media platforms to their loyal audience of millions. When companies grow quickly work patterns often evolve by circumstance rather than by design because everyone is so busy growing the business. So when LADbible approached us to help with their Manchester office we found opportunities to help them change emerging habits such as being desk-tied, working in silos and closed meeting culture.

With a culture that requires constant sharing, interaction and collaboration, our redesign helped to unshackle people from desks and create more movement, mobile working and interaction.

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"Everything Atul said would happen, in terms of how staff would start using the space, happened within hours of us moving in."

Bianca Palmer-Green
Office Manager, LADBible

London calling

With the positive impact of the Manchester office were felt immediately allowing staff to work in a more open and fluid way. In fact, the redesign made such a good impression that they invited us back to look at their London office. Here, a similar approach was taken with brand impact and transparent, open meeting spaces as the design drivers.

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