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We are often part of growth stories. It's real privilege to join people on that journey, to help them move into the next exciting chapter of their business. Our work with Social Chain took this to a whole new level. With a relationship that has spanned 4 years of constant growth, their workspace is almost a visible diary of that adventure.

Ballpark to Brooklyn

Social Chain is an innovative social media marketing agency. Young, loud, energetic and ambitious their upward trajectory has taken them from beginnings in Manchester to London, Berlin and New York. Our designs mark the journey through 6 consecutive expansion phases of their Manchester HQ. From the energetic early days of slides and ballparks through to chilling out in log cabins and jungle retreats to coming of age- crossing the to ride the New York subway.

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"What’s really interesting is that if you go and look at their interior it’s actually a chronological history of them growing up as a business. It started off with a slide and a ball pit, and that actually is a reflection of their personality at that time. You’ve now got spaces where you walk under trees and flowers to get to another space. The whole idea of having one space looking the same as you travel through it is gone. It’s like you’re going into different worlds. They’re growing up, they’re getting older, so their perception of what’s cool and what they want changes. And the staff they employ, their expectations are different now than the people that started there two years ago when they were younger.

Atul Bansal, Sheila Bird Studio

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